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Beginning at conception or soon after, art is the unprejudiced, pre-conscious sense of our pre-natal ambiance, not influenced by anything outside ourselves or within ourselves but both and neither at the same time. Art is our native spirituality without gods, ghosts or the supernatural.

Art and religion are related. Religion is a subjective collection of carefully laid out cultural fables and fetishes accumulated over time. Art—likewise subjective--is an assembly of unorganized and uninhibited subliminal perceptions we collect when we begin life. And because art resides from birth within us and is not imposed from without it has a validity other experiences we call religion have not.

Art and language are related. The difference between art and language is that 1) language has objective meaning and 2) it is limited to the extent the speaker and listener comprehend each other. The meaning of art is unlimited and unmeaningful to anyone including the artist him/herself. Art is a language for one speaker and no listener. The language of art is art.

Art is not thought or logic or anything voluntary or methodical. Art is our autonomic pre-perception reaction to unconscious stimuli.

We cannot interpret or explain art; we only can look at it and accept what we see without judging the artist, while definitely judging the art. We can judge the art because when an artist plops his/her art into a canvas or book or dance, it (art) moves from individual to social. When we concretize art we have the possibility of making bad or mediocre art, as most of us do. Judging our own art is the beginning of self-fraud.

A literary definition of art is creative writing.