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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

                        The Future…(it's obvious)

Work, jobs: rarities.  The 1% will not be those with more money than others, but will be people with more opportunity to work.  Work itself—jobs--will be nearly obsolete, so hard to find that they will be hoarded by the frustrated few with access to a work environment.  Therefore, a huge demand for “something to do” will be generated, but leave the majority salivating.

Fashion will evolve to total nudity…and. maybe, body paint for all ages will be the ‘must have’ accessory.  The penis sheith will return as a fashion statement.  Pubic hair—long, silky, wavy, bleached, permed, conked, dread locked will be judged.  America will lead the world in skin cancer, but cure it instantly.  Natural functions will be on public view; fashionistas will wipe make-up on their asses to mimic shit.

The English language will find curse words, scatological words, sexual terms totally acceptable in polite conversation, especially the word ‘fuck’.  WTF (What the fuck), MILF (Mothers I’d love to fuck) Fuck, yeah will replace the “shoot”, “darn”, “dangit”, “gee whiz” of the past.  “Fuck” will be benign as a sigh.  A sales sign on typical urban Dollar Store façade of the future: “Best Fucking Deal in Town.”

Atheism will be the common philosophy of most Americans, but we will still romantically put up our creches each Xmas.  The few remaining places of worship  will be taxed without discussion.  Idealized stories of priests, rabbis, immans will be the stuff of adventure movies, bodice ripper novels (they will never fade).

The gourmet food/wine craze will peak and dissolve.  Fast food mills will improve to the point that no one can question them—not their nutrition, not taste, not overall quality.

The public learns its lesson on education.  Public school education is free from pre-kindergarten to post-grad.  The view that educated citizens are a states most valuable resource will  impel government to sweeping changes in how public education is paid for.                                                                                       

Guns.  Guns become non-lethal: they put the shot person to sleep—and ubiquitous--brought to school by adolescents—and, since they cannot kill, shooting people until they fall asleep becomes a popular sport.  The United States will lead the world in production of non-lethal weaponry. 

Drugs will be everywhere; each user will have his/her favorite brand of pot, cocaine in Coca Cola will start new cola wars.  Addiction research will replace cancer research.  Junkies will be healthier and more productive.  Medical pot will replace aspirin for headaches.