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October 8, 2013



Many Americans like myself who are Democrats by default, choosing the lesser political evil offered to us, believe there is much improvement needed in our democracy. The two major issues that get Republicans off their duffs in fighting spirit—Obamacare and excessive government spending—matter to all of us. Personally, if I didn't have Obamacare, i'd want to have something very similar because I believe one of the major mandates a government must hew to is its citizens health. Defense, education and health are the three most important functions of any government because they prepare our citizens for the future, insure the survival of our political philosophy and protect us from those who would bend our will to theirs.

What i'm trying to say is that I don't want you to repeal or defund the ACA, but I am absolutely certain there is much improvement that can be put into it. What I would like to say is you are doing this the wrong way; instead of single-mindedly trugging alone like a freight train out of control, you should be thinking of ways to alter the law in a gradual, thoughtful, co-operative manner. What you and your frenetic friends are doing is not only counter productive, it is embarrassingly childish. Take apart the ACA and highlight a couple of the most egregious aspects you think must be changed and work on that, not only among your colleagues in Congress, but with your fellow citizens back home, citizens of all persuasions. That way, you might not only make headway, but get some respect as well.

Greig Olivier

10153 Jeff Hwy

BRLA, 70809